Warhammer Online Patch 1.3.4

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Warhammer News

Welcome! From Community Coordinator Andy Belford we can know more about latest patch 1.3.4 details that were hinted at in Bruce Maclean’s letter (producer). According to this letter the Warhammer Online update should be on the test servers by the first week of February.

Upcoming Warhammer Online patch will introduce an entire new line of weapons earned via Realm vs. Realm, change some of scenarios, and add a change to the way the campaign functions.

Weapons – These weapons will be purchasable via a vendor with new currency system earned via Scenario game play from tiers 1-4. Sound cool isn’t it? Well, I’m using Scalebreaker Mallet (60 DPS,+ 32 strength, + 23 toughness, + 11 initiative, +3 critical chance and talisman slot (+23 wounds) – its fantastic weapon for Marauder from Lost Vale first mob, but I need more powerful one. I’m little bit disappointed with weapon from Warlord Quests, which is Crusher of the Unending Violence (63 DPS, + 39 strength, + 24 wounds, + 21 melee power + talisman slot), there is also Slayer of the Unending Violence but I’m not enough lucky to win one ;-). About these new upcoming weapons I can say, they are probably so hard to get that we need 3-4 months of farming to get them.

Scenarios – they will completely change the current structure of Scenarios by removing some of the less popular and streamlining the tiering of Scenarios.

Campaign – Last, but very interesting change is once a Contested City flips into the Captured state the Open RvR Campaign will now restart. Then we must decide, return and defend realm or slain king/complete Warlord Quests?

I want to ask one question, why game is lagging so much and when our dearest EA Mythic crew will fix game engine or upgrade servers? I can’t play lately, because game is running around 1 fps!!!! Is this some kinda of joke???!!! I’m paying money for MY SUBSCRIPTION! FIX THIS GAME PEOPLE!!!


Welcome! Are you waiting on Warhammer Online expansion? If you do, (like me) I got some interesting news! Well according to valhallaburning.wordpress.com, we are very close to expansion for our beloved Warhammer! Upcoming expansion will be called The Rise of the Horned Rat with new created Third Faction – Skavens. This means we will be able to fight for the glory of the Horned Rat against both Order and Destruction.

Most important stuff!

– Five new Capitol Cities to siege and defend!

– We will be able to discover the ancient High Elf Capitol of Lothern.

– Explore dark Skavenblight, the underground Capitol City of the Skaven.

– Brand new Quests, PQs, Dungeons, and secrets to Unlock!

– Each City pairing has it’s own unique City Capture Mechanic and play Style!

– New areas like mountain Strongholds of Karak Eight Peaks and Karak-A-Karak, home of the Dwarves and Orcs.

Many changes to our existing classes as well as brand new classes for both Order and Destruction!

After expansion Dwarven beards get longer and Orcs are getting bigger, something new for every race and class!

Multiple levels! Don’t want to keep growing? Shut it off and make your avatar look how YOU want it to look!

New Classes for Destruction and Order – the Dark Elf Assassin and the Empires own Priest of Morr!

A new layer of customization!

And more Improvements to RvR including new purchasable weapons and armor, improved Crest system, and more rewards for increasing in Realm Rank!

Oh and one thing! This is all fake :/ we are a group of players and fans doing conception for our own Expansion pack idea. We have no relation to Mythic nor have we been in contact with any member of Mythic or EA. This project is ENTIRELY player created. – according to valhallaburning.wordpress.com

Well I hope EA Mythic will take some of these ideas in upcoming expansion. For now, there is no any official information about upcoming expansion. For now…

See you again!

Aion Online: Tower of Eternity

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome everyone! Did you heard about great upcoming MMORPG “Aion Online: Tower of Eternity”? Aion Online is developed by NCsoft’s Aion Team Development Dept, a major Korean game company. A feature of the game is flight, both as a means of transportation and awesome aerial combat. Another cool features is amazing Player vs. Player combat and Game is looking really and is already huge hit in Korea were was released at the end of 2008.

Aion Online, already won the award “Best Korean Game of the Year”. People in Korea are talking that Aion Online has the “epic scale, immersive story, and stunning graphics and sound design”.

Aion Online, already won the award “Best Korean Game of the Year”. People in Korea are talking that Aion Online has the “epic scale, immersive story, and stunning graphics and sound design”.

Well, Aion is now most anticipated MMORPG, and we will find out more soon, because game will be released in Europe on September 25 2009. I must admit, game is looking really fantastic, and the character creation system allows for a deal of character customization – most advanced from all other MMORPGs!

In Aion Online there are 4 primary classes, and 8 specialized classes in the game. Players start the game by choosing one of the four primary classes: Warrior, Mage, Scout, or Priest. Later we can choose one of the many 2nd class or class specialization, to choose with path of career is best for our gameplay. If you like game similar to Linage or Lineage 2, you can test Aion Online, because it’s fantastic experience.

See you

Land of the Dead

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome. Well, we are after Land of the Dead premiere and I’m really disappointed. That’s it? Few Tombs, repeatable PQs and 0 (ZERO) PvP! This is what they call the end game content after Lost Vale?! Damn this is sick joke! Now I’m almost sure that EA Mythic don’t know which way to go with Warhammer Online which is very sad. But I saw the light!

“EA is restructuring its RPG and MMO games development into a new group that includes both Mythic and BioWare. This newly formed team will be led by Ray Muzyka, co-founder and General Manager of BioWare. With this change, Ray becomes Group General Manager of the new  RPG/MMO studio group.” (warherald)

BioWare is far more experienced company then EA Mythic (sorry Mythic, but one title “Dark Age of Camelot” is almost nothing) and this can be really good for our dearest Warhammer Online, because I trust BioWare that they know for sure which way will be best for WAR.

I’m waiting for more, VALUABLE ENDGAME CONTENT in WAR!

Welcome on Warhammer Online News! Today another popular guide released by KillerGuides.com.

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All information above are from Killerguides.com. In my opinion these guides (not only for Warhammer Online) are very huge, with basic and more advancec content. Strongest point of Killer Guides is that “All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price”. I believe that it is the biggest advantage in comparision with other WAR guides and gives them a big advantage over the rest of Warhammer Online Guides.

Tanoth and PoxNora

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Warhammer

Hello friends! Well, I have break and I must leave Warhammer Online for some time. Of course I will play as usual, few hours a day, but in other games. I discovered two very cool and free games on the web.
First one is simple, but fun RPG, called Tanoth. In this game we can fight with other players, work, visit dungeons, buy cool equipment and improve our character avatar – simple, but awesome :-)
check out this video.

If you would like to register, here is link to Tanoth.

Second game is PoxNora and is strategic, online card game (or something like that). PoxNora was originally launched via Java Web Start through a browser and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The game is free to play with awesome “Sample Battlegroups” and we can purchase additional game pieces, called “runes”, and build our own successful strategy. The game currently includes more than 500 runes.

PoxNora’s world is split among eight factions. Each rune belongs to a particular faction.

Factions Element Theme

Forglar Swamp Water/Poison/Psychic
Forsaken Wastes Death
Ironfist Stronghold Metal/Earth
K’thir Forest Forest
Savage Tundra Ice
Shattered Peaks Stone
Sundered Lands Fire/Acid/Sand
The Underdepths Fire/Dark Powers

Ok enough talk, check out this video…

You can visit official PoxNora Website right here. What do you think about these games? :-)


Warhammer Online Trial

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome on Warhammer Online News. According to War Herald, we can now play in WAR for FREE for 10 DAYS! Well, if you are considering to play in WAR, you should try out this special trial offer. This what i found about Warhammer Online trial on ea.com

“A call to arms has been issued! With the new free trial we are making it possible for everyone to experience non-stop Realm vs. Realm combat wrapped up in a next generation MMO,” said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of Mythic Entertainment. “What started out as a great game has only gotten better as the team has added an incredible amount of content with our first live expansion. For gamers that have yet to experience the glory of WAR, there is no better time to join the battle!”

About all details you can read right here (all article). You should remember that you can extend your trial subscription into full one!

You are ready to enter cruel and exciting world of WAR? Well, if you ARE and you are looking for place to download Warhammer Online client, just enter here my friend!

Cheers and see you again!