WAR rumors

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Warhammer News

According to few sources Mythic is working hard on 1.4.4 patch. The next patch for WAR should be released very soon (august), but it’s not why I’m writing today. I heard rumor about very important changes coming our way. We should be seeing some big and important changes coming to some classes (everyone playing as Engineer and Magus, should be glad). The Shadow Warrior in another target, but Mythic will probably lower everything – including insane critical, dots and everything. As a Shadow Warrior Hater I’m very happy, because of that, so everyone else can celebrate…

Mythic is also working to return some kind of defensive bonus/win to keeps in Open RvR, probably with high renown bonus I really like defending, so this will hopefully draw more gamers back to the keep.

We also discussed the pros and cons of 6 vs 6 scenarios. I am generally against them since they seem to kill variety. Others like them quite a bit, so there has to be a happy medium. Mythic agrees and has a few ideas on how to get them in the game without them ruling the queue. We may see some of these ideas tested out in the future.

There is more to the patch of course, but those are what stood out to me. Be sure to check out the other bloggers who may reveal more details.

About patch 1.4.5 I know few things. Probably the most important one is about returning of the Forts. Mythic has started to process of getting Fortresses back in the game, but they will not be a part of the campaign probably. This means they will not be a roadblock into the city. Instead, they will offer an alternative activity for everyone to undertake. Awesome right? Time will tell…I’m waiting for next tier, new items or new mounts and of course Warhammer Online free to play!

According to fellow Warhammer Online bloggers, Mythic is also very busy on something. It’s a secret, so I’m almost sure they are working on F2P implementation. And additional hot content to show how awesome Warhammer is!!! Mythic will release official news about this secret, very soon, so keep your eyes open (and ears too!).
If it’s not F2P I really don’t know what it is. I give up.

Have you already seen awesome armors from T7?? Remember to visit official fanpage on facebook to check them out. Marauder armor is looking hot, but they forget about cape….

According to official news, Age of Conan, double income after turning into free to play game, so its definitely time to do the same with our Warhammer Online!


  1. warhammer imperial guard says:

    There were three large cities on  the Single continent. In the largest city called Armaita was a great rebellion, after years of fighting all that is left of the great city is now crumbling ruins and the surrounding areas all but a burnt and ashen wasteland, but this area is not yet deserted now occupied by the last remaining rebels and other miscreants. 

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