Heroes Kingdoms short review

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Warhammer News

Hi there. Looking for online war games? This time I would like to present Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms. It‘s is a massively multiplayer online game based on Heroes of Might and Magic series and persistent, browser-based, turn-based strategy video war game. This first installment of the franchise’s MMO will see thousands of we taking sides with the game’s 4 factions – Necropolis, Inferno, Haven, and Academy – developing heroes, building their kingdoms, and forming strategic alliances against other players. Sound cool? Yeah it IS COOL!

The game is free-to-play online war game and using basic account, we can are limited to 3 heroes and 3 kingdoms for the first 2 months and we are able to recruit 1 additional hero and build 1 additional town each month. Depending on a our starting kingdom, heroes and troops will have various strengths and use different resources for recruitment like in previous Heroes games. Resources are divided into the rare sort, including Gems and Crystals, and the common sort, such as Ore and Wood. Gold is used to recruit and maintain heroes & troops, and to pay for structures and buildings – it’s the most important resource to run our kingdom.

(Heroes Kingdom Gameplay)

First we need to choose a game world to play on and each is given control of a city within 1 of the regions. Each region is exactly 25 zones (5 by 5 tiles) and 4 of these zones contain mines which provide needed resources – you need to beat guards to get them (easy task). Each zone in a newly acquired region is populated with an army of non-player character (NPC) troops which must be beated before mined resoures can be collected or before buildings can be constructed on the open ground.

For example, I play the Inferno faction so my horde of Imps, Horded Deamons, and Devils requires plenty of Mercury and Sulfur. Common minerals are used to build structures that offer defensive bonuses and allow you to recruit stronger troops. If you are planning to conquer your neighbors, or develop more towns, you should not do it or you will waste a lot of units. After such policy, you will likely have few troops and heroes spread out over your towns, making you easy pickings for nearby gamers once your 15 days of newbie protection run up. Like in other free online war games, you need to gather your forces and plan everything very carefully or stronger neighbors will farm your town from gold, recourses and whatever they can.

If you wan to pay, for a monthly subscription, this limit is removed and other in-game bonuses are made available. Yeah these days if you want some in-game goods, you need to pay so richest players are always most powerful ones (like in Warstorm, Eredan or other online war games).

The game requires no download or installation, only an Internet connection. In addition, we can play without need to farm or grind something, so there you can play 10 minutes and leave game to live normal life. I think it’s why I’m playing in Heroes – I’m too bored to play longer than 15 minutes.

What can I say more? If you love war games, Heroes it’s perfect pick esspecialy if you remember older Heroes games.

Hope you will enjoy this great game!


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