Warhammer Online Patch 1.3.4

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Warhammer News

Welcome! From Community Coordinator Andy Belford we can know more about latest patch 1.3.4 details that were hinted at in Bruce Maclean’s letter (producer). According to this letter the Warhammer Online update should be on the test servers by the first week of February.

Upcoming Warhammer Online patch will introduce an entire new line of weapons earned via Realm vs. Realm, change some of scenarios, and add a change to the way the campaign functions.

Weapons – These weapons will be purchasable via a vendor with new currency system earned via Scenario game play from tiers 1-4. Sound cool isn’t it? Well, I’m using Scalebreaker Mallet (60 DPS,+ 32 strength, + 23 toughness, + 11 initiative, +3 critical chance and talisman slot (+23 wounds) – its fantastic weapon for Marauder from Lost Vale first mob, but I need more powerful one. I’m little bit disappointed with weapon from Warlord Quests, which is Crusher of the Unending Violence (63 DPS, + 39 strength, + 24 wounds, + 21 melee power + talisman slot), there is also Slayer of the Unending Violence but I’m not enough lucky to win one ;-). About these new upcoming weapons I can say, they are probably so hard to get that we need 3-4 months of farming to get them.

Scenarios – they will completely change the current structure of Scenarios by removing some of the less popular and streamlining the tiering of Scenarios.

Campaign – Last, but very interesting change is once a Contested City flips into the Captured state the Open RvR Campaign will now restart. Then we must decide, return and defend realm or slain king/complete Warlord Quests?

I want to ask one question, why game is lagging so much and when our dearest EA Mythic crew will fix game engine or upgrade servers? I can’t play lately, because game is running around 1 fps!!!! Is this some kinda of joke???!!! I’m paying money for MY SUBSCRIPTION! FIX THIS GAME PEOPLE!!!

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