Warhammer Online expansion The Rise of the Horned Rat

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome! Are you waiting on Warhammer Online expansion? If you do, (like me) I got some interesting news! Well according to valhallaburning.wordpress.com, we are very close to expansion for our beloved Warhammer! Upcoming expansion will be called The Rise of the Horned Rat with new created Third Faction – Skavens. This means we will be able to fight for the glory of the Horned Rat against both Order and Destruction.

Most important stuff!

– Five new Capitol Cities to siege and defend!

– We will be able to discover the ancient High Elf Capitol of Lothern.

– Explore dark Skavenblight, the underground Capitol City of the Skaven.

– Brand new Quests, PQs, Dungeons, and secrets to Unlock!

– Each City pairing has it’s own unique City Capture Mechanic and play Style!

– New areas like mountain Strongholds of Karak Eight Peaks and Karak-A-Karak, home of the Dwarves and Orcs.

Many changes to our existing classes as well as brand new classes for both Order and Destruction!

After expansion Dwarven beards get longer and Orcs are getting bigger, something new for every race and class!

Multiple levels! Don’t want to keep growing? Shut it off and make your avatar look how YOU want it to look!

New Classes for Destruction and Order – the Dark Elf Assassin and the Empires own Priest of Morr!

A new layer of customization!

And more Improvements to RvR including new purchasable weapons and armor, improved Crest system, and more rewards for increasing in Realm Rank!

Oh and one thing! This is all fake :/ we are a group of players and fans doing conception for our own Expansion pack idea. We have no relation to Mythic nor have we been in contact with any member of Mythic or EA. This project is ENTIRELY player created. – according to valhallaburning.wordpress.com

Well I hope EA Mythic will take some of these ideas in upcoming expansion. For now, there is no any official information about upcoming expansion. For now…

See you again!

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