Warhammer Online Guide: Killer Guide to Warhammer Online

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome on Warhammer Online News! Today another popular guide released by KillerGuides.com.

Highlights of the Warhammer Strategy Guide:

* Discover how to get to rank 40 at breath-taking speed
* Get your hands on rare strategies that let you fly through ranks in RvR
* Complete quests in a blink with detailed step-by-step walkthroughs
* Find out how you can make more out of your existing list of skills
* Get a comprehensive list of deadly equipment and where to get it
* Follow class-specific advice to make sure you won’t be left behind
* Learn how to avoid the mistakes when it comes to Masteries and Renown
* Pile up your gold with insider strategies shared by the most successful players

Strategies for Leveling Up: Bored with grinding? Looking for a faster way to reach rank 40? Then join those who are already taking advantage of the insider leveling strategies provided in this Warhammer Guide. Discover how you can shave off days on your way to the maximum level by doing the right quests, leveling in the best spots and applying the most efficient strategies.

Gold Making Hints: Catch up with those who are making a killing off of the right strategies while others are chasing gold-making methods that have long lost their income potential. Find out where to head and what to do in order to get rid of your gold-concerns once and for all. The Warhammer Online Guide provides exclusive strategies that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Make sure you belong to the ones in the know and outspend the competition when it comes to getting your hands on the right equipment and supplies.

Quest Walkthroughs: Flick through the Warhammer Guide for specific quest walkthroughs. There’s no need to get frustrated over complicated quests that seem to take ages or just don’t seem to be worth the effort. Use quest walkthroughs available in the guide and discover quests that really get you ahead and complete them in a matter of mere minutes.

Class strategies:
Need some help with your Witch Elf? Can’t figure out what equipment to get for your Zealot? The WAR guide helps you get the essentials right, no matter which class you pick.

Equipment Guides: Where to get the most useful pieces of equipment at your level? What items give you the best bonus? How to optimize your damage output or survivability? This Warhammer Guide provides you with the necessary answers. Find the right gear for your character and take full advantage of stat boosts that will give you an edge not only over, opponents but other players on the same side as you are. Why spend your time trying to find the best setup, when others have solved that problem already for you?

Mastery Builds:
Picking the right mastery distribution is no easy choice. For players of all classes this has a significant effect on their play-style, success chances and ability to support fellow team members. Don’t screw things up here but rely on the research of pro-gamers who compiled their advice in the Warhammer Online Guide.

RvR Strategies: Having troubles ranking up as fast in RvR as other players on your realm? Seeking to improve your performance, die less, get more kills and catch up with the elite on your server? Then the Warhammer Online Guide and its featured and proven strategies and tactics can give the necessary boost. Find out how some of the best RvR players handle their chars and catch up fast with your friends and other players when it comes to RvR leveling.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


All information above are from Killerguides.com. In my opinion these guides (not only for Warhammer Online) are very huge, with basic and more advancec content. Strongest point of Killer Guides is that “All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price”. I believe that it is the biggest advantage in comparision with other WAR guides and gives them a big advantage over the rest of Warhammer Online Guides.

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