Tanoth and PoxNora

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Warhammer

Hello friends! Well, I have break and I must leave Warhammer Online for some time. Of course I will play as usual, few hours a day, but in other games. I discovered two very cool and free games on the web.
First one is simple, but fun RPG, called Tanoth. In this game we can fight with other players, work, visit dungeons, buy cool equipment and improve our character avatar – simple, but awesome :-)
check out this video.

If you would like to register, here is link to Tanoth.

Second game is PoxNora and is strategic, online card game (or something like that). PoxNora was originally launched via Java Web Start through a browser and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The game is free to play with awesome “Sample Battlegroups” and we can purchase additional game pieces, called “runes”, and build our own successful strategy. The game currently includes more than 500 runes.

PoxNora’s world is split among eight factions. Each rune belongs to a particular faction.

Factions Element Theme

Forglar Swamp Water/Poison/Psychic
Forsaken Wastes Death
Ironfist Stronghold Metal/Earth
K’thir Forest Forest
Savage Tundra Ice
Shattered Peaks Stone
Sundered Lands Fire/Acid/Sand
The Underdepths Fire/Dark Powers

Ok enough talk, check out this video…

You can visit official PoxNora Website right here. What do you think about these games? :-)


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