Warhammer Online Trial

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome on Warhammer Online News. According to War Herald, we can now play in WAR for FREE for 10 DAYS! Well, if you are considering to play in WAR, you should try out this special trial offer. This what i found about Warhammer Online trial on ea.com

“A call to arms has been issued! With the new free trial we are making it possible for everyone to experience non-stop Realm vs. Realm combat wrapped up in a next generation MMO,” said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of Mythic Entertainment. “What started out as a great game has only gotten better as the team has added an incredible amount of content with our first live expansion. For gamers that have yet to experience the glory of WAR, there is no better time to join the battle!”

About all details you can read right here (all article). You should remember that you can extend your trial subscription into full one!

You are ready to enter cruel and exciting world of WAR? Well, if you ARE and you are looking for place to download Warhammer Online client, just enter here my friend!

Cheers and see you again!

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