Warhammer News Heavy Metal Event

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Warhammer News

(movie about Knight of the Blazing Sun)

Hello! We are very close to special Warhammer Online event: Heavy Metal. This event will be from November 17 to December 1 and players will be able to play in new scenario, called Reikland Factory, available only in time of this event. Players will also get special 10% Renown bonus. But this ain’t main surprise in this event. Every player will be able to play new careers week before they will be officially released in game (of course you must unlock them first). These new careers are Knight of the Blazing Sun (dude in golden armor, with golden shield and golden helm ;-)) and Black Guard (evil, filled with hate and rage, Dark Elven tank).

Well everyone hoped that these new careers will be available in basic version of Warhammer Online from beginning but there were problems with balancing these careers. Players will be able to unlock this great careers doing special Public Quest (after Elite level).

Well i’m personally very interested in Black Knight class. It’s looking great in his wicked and fency armor, with great halberd…i never liked Dark Elves but this dude is really something.

( info about Black Guard career)

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