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Posted: October 22, 2008 in Warhammer News

Hi guys, welcome again! You probably wondering how Warhammer Online was claimed by critics, I was thinking about that too and I’ve found some information about that on web.

For the example, Gamespot gave it a 8.5 out of 10 and said, “Questers and explorers may not find what they’re looking for, and certain gameplay systems don’t mesh as well as they should. Nevertheless, there’s more than enough exciting PvP content here to keep newcomers and veterans alike immersed in the perpetually violent tug of war between the forces of Order and Destruction.ā€ Other reviews are also very enthusiastic:

1UP.com – B
Eurogamer – 8/10
GameSpot – 8.5/10
GameSpy – 5/5
PC Gamer UK – 8.8/10
PC Gamer US – 9/10

Aggregate scores
Aggregator – Score
Game Rankings – 87%(based on 18 reviews)
Metacritic – 88%

(source Wikipedia)

(ME – You wanna fight??)

Well I’m Marauder very well, I have almost 36 Rank and 27 Renown Rank. On higher level like in other MMO games there is a lot of grinding and stuff like that but in other hand you can play in very cool scenarios from time to time, so it isn’t boring. I’m currently questing in Reikland where is a lot of quest for my level. I also changed by Path of Skills, from Brutality to Savagery, I changed it because my Marauder had a little to high strength and other stats like Weapon Skill was to low. Now it should be alright I have almost 600 str, 500 ws, 300 t (toughness) and 320 I (initiative). I must still rise toughness but I will be thinking about that later around 40 level or something.

(me swiming in lava, yeah its something like hot springs, Chaos dudes are using them to feel good after combat :P)

Well, on second thought I think I should level up my Marauder in different way ā€“ I must admit I ignore renown rank to much. Best way is to level up in pair ā€“ your rank should be max 1 more then your renown rank. This way you will receive more renown points during scenarios or PvP action on areas.

  1. dailywarhammer says:

    Hey great article! Sounds like you are enjoying your Marauder! I am a Chosen. Never realy was into tanking until I played him. Awesome utility! I noticed the reviews are pretty darn good for the game. The next few months will be a true test to the team at Mythic as WOTLK comes out…but in the end, Mythic is a real contender in the MMO Market.

    PS: If you ever want to guest blog on my site, just email me (webmaster@dailywarhammer.com) or stop by and leave a reply…we are always looking for other bloggers to share with our community!

  2. Tom says:

    I played the game from release till about 20 days, was very disappointed. As
    far as magazines and such…they make money from these companies and rarely if ever give negative reviews. I originally went to “can you run it”
    site and ok i was up in the fast range , so ok i bought it 50 bucks not cheap to me…bring it home and install it…its like lag city but not on my end. Crashes to desktops, lockups all common, Pvp was long long wait que’s…I called support they said to reroll on a different server, I did roll on a different server
    and the lag was somewhat less, so i added another gig of ram almost playable
    on a week day not at all on weekends. At the time of release I was already in beta at Lich king….Lich king beta was far more polished then release warhammer..yeah i know what a lot of you are saying “its new. what do you expect?” i expect for 50 bucks a decent game as they say it will be, and playable. I remember a video form the makers before release about the crafting system and how i wouldn’t end up with something that wasn’t worth it to make…I tried talisman …when you sell a talisman up to lvl 25 to a vendor you get 1 copper…the ingredients cost alot more not to mention that the green you salvaged(for you WoW players disenchanted) was worth
    alot more Silver… Seems i see alot of glowing reports on this game and not many negative, well i was there and so were most of the people i know but were not now…..Further proof is look on ebay and see what the game or even accts sell for then compare to WoW or lol even Diablo2. And if there are 3/4 of a million players a quarter million must be gold sellers, because even after the big numbers they banned..gold selling spam was still constant. Now Im not trying to be mean, Im just letting the people who havent got it yet maybe they want to hold off and wait..if not a tip would be buy the game off ebay as there selling real cheap. Not saying what some people are asking lol, saying the ones that are actually bid on. also you see alot of people that are burnt out on WoW
    Talking about how much better War is, well War is new so your blinded, and not being subjective or fair…if you truthfully compare things I think to be honest you would say different…you dont need a higher end comp to run WoW , game play is smooth, the flight system in wow is fantastic while the flight system in War is a video, polish goes to WoW imo, as does crafting, cities, in fact the only thing War has that in reality seems better is PQ’s and im sure Blizz will incorporate it into there one of there exp’s or even WoW2….Just my thoughts.

  3. Iron Mike says:

    Nice comment. Well you know i played a lot in Warhammer Online and today i think all MMO genre is boring as hell. We need something new, i dunno what, but WAR is very similar to WoW. Ok PvP is ok you can really enjoy scenarios or keep attack/defend, but what else?? I have pre paid card for 2 month but i dunno what to do, i think i just sell it …I’m sick of grinding :/