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Posted: October 16, 2008 in Warhammer News

Hi, today i would like to introduce my character in Warhammer Online, well I’m really in love in Marauder class. As you already known this class is typical melee dps, designed to deal large amount of damage in short period of time. Like other Chaos dudes, this one is using in combat, powerful Chaos mutiation > he has 3 types of mutation, Gift of Savagery, Gift of Brutality and Gift of Monstrosity. Each one is designed to something else, so Gift of Savagery is connected to armor penetration and attacking tougher targets like tanks etc, Gift of Brutality is designed to deal large damage to one target and Gift of Monstrosity is for Area of Effect damage. You can very easily change mutation before combat or while in combat :-) well i prefer Gift of Brutality in PvP and Gift of Monstrosity in PvE (like others). There is also path of skills related to each mutation, but its up to you which one you pick (i prefer Path of Brutality). Ok so my character is now on 32 level and currently I’m near Praag. You can meet me on Karag – Norn server (EU Server). Look for Bloodthirster ;-)
I will write some more about my character next time, now some news.
Well today was released patch 1.0.3, finally they fixed regional chat, really thank god! When i played i feel sometimes really alone. About other improvements you can ready right here http://img.war-europe.com/syndic_img/news/patches/Patch103_EN.html

  1. The Marauder is a very nice class to play but I prefer the chosen as a melee class. I like the extra survivability a bit more but for a second melee class I would for sure pick a marauder.