Warhammer Online Newsletter – July, nr 33

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Warhammer News

(pic above is from actual Newsletter)

Hello guys, today few words about new Newsletter (July, nr 33).

Warhammer Online Newsletter we can find out few interesting things:

First of all we are now sure about premiere 18 August 2008.

We know how much money we must pay to play WAR :-)
We can also read about interesting scenarius RvR: Howling Gorge (it’s called WAR football by beta-testers) and Gromril Crossing. First one is cool, we must take explosive materials to our enemy base (be careful with that stuff ;p). Second one is scenario cool, where you are defending the base and fighting with enemies.
Anyway newsletter is also ful with information about carieer updates, Rune Priest and Squig Herder and about cool Dunegon – Gunbad (ohh man i can’t wait ;D) and many many more….

And this is art for WAR’s European packaging…

Coooooool isn’t it?


  1. Lucio says:

    We’re going to release a strategy guide for Warhammer Online soon in time for the launch of the game. In case you’d like a free review copy for your Warhammer news blog, please drop me a line at the e-mail included with this comment or at our contact form.