Warhammer Online Newsletter June 2008 and White Lion Class

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Warhammer News

Hi, all Warhammer fans. Welcome after long, break. I was very busy so and i had to think about other things then Warhammer ( yeah it was time of pain ;p ). Anyway…
What’s new in Newsletter June 2008?

* Guild Beta (testing of the guild and their development) will be launched soon

* News about the changes in career – class Magus

* Informations about changes in BETA

* Description Bastion Stair – a new dungeon (this place is cool :-))

* Career paths of Archmage and Disciple of Khaine

* Podcast about guild’s standards* Another portion Paul Barnett’s movies

Newsletter is quite big so if someone is interested in these topics, just go to source.

I’m creating site here so if you are interested check it later.

Today movie is video about new class called White Lion Class + interview with guy from EA Mythic Mr. Gershowitz

If you are interested in interview about White Lion class, go here (interview with Adam Gershowitz).

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