WAR – There are now over 600000 Beta applicants!

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Warhammer News

I just noticed that :P exactly 617,604 beta applications! WoW has around 500.000 if my memory is working good ;]…

http://www.warherald.com/news/ – i found interesting article about assault on Ulthuan, check it out :-)

Last little thingy is great Warhammer music video, its mix from Warhammera : Mark of Chaos intro and Warhammer Online trailer but its really good

  1. Nathan says:

    Heh, 500,000? Wow has 10,000,000. See http://www.curse.com/articles/details/5725/

    I’m assuming you’re comparing potential WAR beta testers with actual WoW subscribers, though.

    Don’t suppose you have an extra beta invite laying around, do ya?;)

  2. warhammeronlinenews says:

    No. Im comparing BETA subscriptions WAR – WOW. In 2004 or 2003 before WoW was released, Blizzard had around 500.000 BETA testers ;-)
    anyway 10 mln of players …..heh…:)

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