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Posted: February 25, 2008 in Warhammer News

Hi Today something for people who like Greenskins. Very hot top 10, of best combat insults from Warhammer Online Orcs and Goblins :P

I. You callz dat a knife?! Datz not knife… DIS IS KNIFE! <pulls out choppa>

II. I’ma cutz out yer eyez, put ‘em in a sack, and put ‘em in yer pants so you can finally say you gotz a pair!

III. It‘z all about da size of yer WAAAGH! and howzya use it!

IV. Me thinkz choppin’ off yer head will make yah even stuntier!

V. Yooz dumber d’an a bag of hammererz!

VI. No worriez…me squiggies give da courtesy of a reach-around!

VII. Yer mum was a stunty and yer daddyz reeked of elven fairiez!

VIII. Say ‘ello to my squiggle friendz! All of ten of ‘em!

IX. I fart in yer general direction! And I just been eatin’ babies! *Burp*

X. You got a purdy face… it gunna look good azza trophee!

Pick your favorite insult! :D

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