And now something completely different…Bad News

Posted: January 24, 2008 in Warhammer News

I’ve got some latest news from web. I don’t want to be herald of bad news but all of them are bad. Sorry maybe another time i will find something more cool. Anyway.
First bad info : probably EA Mythic will rise fee for playing Warhammer Online – from 14.99 $ to maybe 20$ – yeah i know this terrible.
Second bad news : most of players involved in Warhammer Online beta testing are complaining (like old grandmas)  – game is like WoW 2.0 – Similar skills, similar casting times, similar mana requirements, even the universal cool-down seemed to be on nearly the exact same timer…
quest are simliar :
-kill 4 banits and take something from them
-kill zombies and take teeth from them …..etc

What do you think about game after beta testing or after reading articles about WAR and watching some videos?

  1. Mark says:

    Having played beta somewhat.. I actually think there are some similarities with wow… but I suppose that’s to be expected as they’re drawing inspiration from other games.

    Just probably how wow draw their inspiration from a lot of other sources, and almost directly ripped some of their game ideas off other games that came before them.

    It’s just the way that games go I think.

  2. jake says:

    Where is the information on the cost? I read somewhere 10-15 but never 20. Also, shouldn’t it be expected that there are going to be some similarities between games of the same type? They are both MMORPG’s and world of warcraft is one of the best MMO’s out there to date. Its completely understandable that they would have the similar quest lines or hand-ins because that is what most MMO quests are like. There are still many different things. The RVR sounds unreal, the trophy idea is a class all its own, and the actual capture of capitals/keeps sounds amazing!!