Warhammer Online Video

Posted: December 4, 2007 in Warhammer News

Welcome friends on Warhammer News – Blog. Today I would like to present video “Warhammer Online E3 2006 gameswelt.de reportage”. After watching this video i know that Warhammer Online creators take something from Lotro – morale system, used in combat. I’ve been playing in Lotro some time and i think its good move, anyway combat in Lotro is better then in WoW.  hmmm anyway Warhammer will be revolutionary like Mythic is saying? I hope so because after watching few videos I think its something like WoW 2.0 and im not so happy about it. I hope it’s only my imagination/interpretetion and stuff like that – I HATE WOW!! I just hate this game with all my Chaos Heart!

Well enjoy the video

See you again

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