Interview with Josh Drescher and other news

Posted: November 4, 2007 in Warhammer News

Welcome on my blog! Today some press info – if you are interested you can check ten ton hammer, download from there all interview with one person from Mythic entertainment associate producer – Josh Drescher. Interview is very long – about 27 minutes, but its funny and very interesting. He ask speaking about PVP system, campaign and all Warhammer universe and other stuff.

Another thing is another part of Q&A series on, Matt Lowery is speaking about public quests and tactics in game. Interview is really short > five question, five answer.

And last for little dessert is video interview with Josh Drescher. If you want to take a look links are below so check them – audio interview with Josh D. – short interview – video interview with Josh D.

See you again on Warhammer News!

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