Heroic fights in Warhammer Online

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Warhammer News


Welcome friends! Because I didn’t found anything interesting or new about Warhammer Online, and I must add new post I want to add few words about creatures and bestiary in Warhammer. As you may know bestiary is full of creatures like trolls, daemons – very long list – from lesser nurglings to giant killing machines like Bloodthrister, corrupted humans like rogues and bandits, dragons ( its just a rumor but if i remmeber exactly there were dragons in Warhammer Fantasy Battle like Galrauch. Of course tough mobs like Slaurith – chaos champion and lots of human/orc/goblin/elfven – mobs in all Old World. Beasts of chaos, furies, spawns ( big pile of meat with teeth), crazy acolytes, ghost, ghouls, zombies, vampires, zombie dragons, mummies, wraiths, wights, banshees, fanatics, bloodletters, corrupted – plaquebearers, giant spiders and scorpions and much much much more of creatures to fight. If you are enough brave or stupid you can also challenge, for a little fight, giant ( picture above ). As you see, mage want retreat for a while and then make something like charge on poor and weak giant…i think..

To check potential bestiary, go to games workshop site and look for miniatures lots from them will be in Warhammer Online, or will be added in expansion some day..

Ive found another nice blog about warhammer online – http//warhammeronlinenews.blogspot.com/ or visit this site from here    

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  1. Sigmar says:

    Cool site. Excellent screenshot of the giant – nice one, I’ll be checking back regularly.