New professions

Posted: September 1, 2007 in Warhammer News

Time for order careers in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

The Ironbreaker

Species => Dwarf
Career Type => Defensive Tank
Specialties => Axes, Hammers, Shields, Heavy Gromril Armour, Grudges
Appearance => Ironbreakers is clad head to toe in thick Gromril armor. They wear full helms and are often seen carrying a shield in conjunction with their weapon of choice.

The Engineer

Species => Dwarf
Career Type => Short Ranged Damage
Specialties => Grenades, Guns, Spanners, Black Powder……lots of Black Powder.
Appearance => Dwarf Engineers are covered in all manner of gadgets and devices, most of which involve a healthy amount of black powder. They can turn almost anything into a weapon (such as their spanners) but they are often seen wielding pistols and handguns.

The Slayer

Species => Dwarf
Career Type => Melee DPS
Specialties => Axes, Great Axe

Every moment of a Slayer’s life is filled with the rage of their dishonor and loss. As they battle an enemy, they become more enraged with every passing moment, furious and saddened that this foe is not strong enough to bring them death’s atonement.

Bright Wizard

Species => Empire Human
Career Type => Offensive Spell Caster
Specialties => Fire, Magic
Appearance => Bright Wizards are known for their red and orange robes with flame motifs.

The Runepriest

In a world where magic is commonplace, it may seem that the Runepriest’s powers are unremarkable. However, his runes offer something unique and powerful=> the ability to bind a rune to an object or creature to await a trigger which will unleash its power.

Warrior Priest

Species => Empire Human
Career Type => The Warrior Priest is a Melee and Healer hybrid
Specialties => Moderately armored with breast plate worn over a long robe and vestments of faith. Ornamented with symbols, books, regalia, and various other articles of faith

The Witch Hunter

Species => Empire Human
Career Type => Melee DPS
The Witch Hunter is a Melee DPS archetype, who specializes in close and intermediate ranged attacks!

Knight of the Blazing Sun

Species => Empire Human
Career Type => Tank
Specialties => Swords, Shields, Armour
Appearance => These knights are covered in richly detailed gold and bronze armour. They are also known for their elaborate helms.


Species => Elf
Career Type => Caster
Specialties => Manipulates the winds of magic
Appearance => Elf in dress…


Species => Elf
Career Type => Tank
Specialties => Tank Hoeth

The SwordMaster is a Tank archetype! The warrior scholars of Hoeth are first and foremost masters of the blade, and are capable of weaving a wall of impenetrable steel with either a greatsword or longsword.

Shadow Warrior

Species=> Elf
Career Type => RDPS
Specialties => Single bow attacks.

To excel as a Shadow Warrior you must carefully observe the flow of the battle and choose the best strategy for the situation at hand.

  1. Sigmar says:

    Which race would you say has the purest and best fighting class ? Does the knight make the grade as one of the best ?