Warhammer News: Weapons

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Warhammer News


Welcome friends! This is one of the concept arts from official Warhammer Online website. In game every race have own weaponry, this one is for Orcs and Goblins, its very primitive and its looking like weapon for someone big and brutal. Ive seen some some concept arts and im really excited – weapons from Chaos are most interesting – the most powerful weapons of chaos will have daemons in it  something like weapon of Archaon – Lord of the End of Times – i will be writing about him another time).


This is Chaos weaponry. As you see is looking demonic so we can be sure about all kind of skulls, demonic mutated monstrosities and evil energy stuff.

What do you thing about this toys?;-)

See you again on Warhammer Blog!

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