Chaos mutations

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Warhammer


Welcome friends on my blog! On picture above we have some typical – Chaos mutants (in WAR they will be called “Marauders”). In Warhammer world – every one that serve dark gods have special mutation – of course not for free – must be noticed by his deeds. Mutation like another pair of hands or giant scorpion sting or giant – crab pincers are favorite mutations of Slaanesh. Khorne is making most powerfull servants – Daemon Prince and his mutation are anyone that adding his warrior strength, frenzy and make him more deadly in hand – to – hand combat.

Younger Chaos God – Tzeentch is marking his followers great magical powers, blessing of this god is always connected to magic. His most powerful minion is Engrim Van Horstman, he is strongest and most powerful chaos warlock in Old World. In Warhammer Fantasy Battle he is raiding huge, Chaos Dragon.

Nurgle is granting, immortal existence ( in exceptional cases), his followers are easy to recognize – their flesh is rotting, and they are spreading diseases. His mutations are close to anything making more tougher and sometimes his followers are immune to pain.

See you again!

PS these mutants are marked and are servents of Tzeentc – cunning god ;-)


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