Pre-Alpha Video – released

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Warhammer News

Welcome friends on my Warhammer Online blog. This is new video released by producers of Warhammer, im really surprised by realism and graphics effects. Lumberjack is cutting the tree, train is really train and daemons and monsters are looking awesome.

Well, today I got nothing to do, so I got some time to paint few models for my Warhammer Chaos Army. It’s good time to do such things, because I’m in the mood. I’ve got all Chaos Cavalery regiment to paint and all kind of Chaos champions and even Bloodthirster model ;p, but before I paint this one, I need some glue him ;-) he is in pieces..ok I hope you will visit my weblog again!

See you again on my blog!

  1. smosh0643 says:

    looks good but i wanna no will this be a monthly pay game