Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Warhammer


(This is Goblin, brave hero…about 4 feets – height)

Ready for more about Warhammer? I would like to present game of Fantasy Battles (formerly Warhammer Fantasy Battle and often abbreviated to Warhammer, WFB or WHFB). This is one of the most popular tabletop war game created by British company, Games Workshop. Player can play small-scale skirmish games involving 10 – 20 models a side, up to big, amazing battles that pit armies of hundreds of models against each other! Rules that govern how the models move, fight and how powerful weapons they’ve are contained in the Warhammer rulebook – bible of the game. We can choose and collect awesome armies of models that are described in separate Warhammer army books (yeah you need to pay for them too…). A huge range of models is also available from Citadel Miniatures, in metal and in plastic. Metal ones are expensive, and harder to paint; plastic are cheap, but you can easily damage them – if you step on one, it’s time for say goodbye…

Warhammer Fantasy Battle has been designed with regiments of fantasy miniatures. It uses stock fantasy races such as humans (The Empire – similar to Germany, Kislev – Russia, Bretonnia – France…), Dwarfs, Undead, Orcs and Goblins, Elves (High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves), Vampires, Lizardmen, Skaven and the daemonic forces of Chaos (yeah! My favorite side!!!). Chaos is divided into 4 faction (Chaos God), there is Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh. Each race has its own strengths and flaws; Wood Elves (or Greenpeace berserkers), have the most powerful archers in the game but have poor overall defense and Bretonnia have the strongest cavalry but very poor infantry. Chaos has very powerful units, but to deploy them, you must pay a lot of points (more powerful units, more points to deploy). Empire has very powerful artillery and it’s nicely balanced, but all of core unites are …well average…

Warhammer “armies” of 20 mm – 200 mm tall heroic miniatures, are clashing and only one player can achive ultimate victory! Well I must admit, that I played with my friends 6- player battles and it was one of the best experience I ever had (if we are talking about games of course!). Game can be little bit complicated, painting all army can be hard and you need some skill to make all your warriors, pretty and hadsome, but it’s really good game. Good fantasy tabletop wargame.

About Chaos Gods…

The Chaos Gods are deities worshiped and feared by various groups and that is what makes these groups followers of Chaos. Most of followers are living at Chaos Wastes, devastated, unholy land full of corruption and ancient evil magic; basically it’s looking like earth after Armageddon. In this idea there is evidently a big influence from the British fantasy writer Michael Moorcock. Many various Chaos Gods were named in the various early miniature catalogues released by Citadel in the early eighties, so Games Workshop never clearly explained what the fictional pantheon looked like – it’s a mess, so let’s focus about Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh…

  1. anton says:

    i play whit Vampire count and it’s fun but i think i start whit WH40k to and play whit Chaos Space Marine ”Nurgle”

    BTW nice goblin painted XD