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Posted: July 27, 2007 in Warhammer basics


The Knights of the Blazing Sun are a elite order of Templars devoted to the study and mastery of the science and art of warfare.

This is brave Knight of The Blazing Sun – Empire finest soldiers, we is wielding ( like all the knights ) Great sword and he is in heavy, magic, well crafted – armor. They are followers of Myrmidia, so they value ability and accomplishment over all other (noble birth either). The Templars of Myrmidia are known for having a clear head even in the heat of war. It is because of this that the order has grown in prosperity attracting the finest military tactics to its banner. They stride into battle shoulder to shoulder with their comrades shouting out orders and commands even as they swing their great blades. Rapid reactions and a calm clear mind are the Knights greatest abilities, allowing them to bolster their allies in struggle of war, while removing any advantage their enemies may have had.

Heavily armored with ornately engraved plate mail depicting motifs of war and glory
Visored full helms, frequently adorned with elaborate plumage
Wields both broadsword and shield and powerful two handed Great Swords

A Knight of the Blazing Sun’s primary goal is to obtain perfection in the art of War, as such they travel the old world, seeking battle both large and small. A warband with a Knight of the Blazing sun at it’s head is a potent force capable of dealing with opponents with a level of cunning that ensures victory before the battle is even joined.

A single Knight is a potent force indeed, but the Knight of the Blazing Sun truly shines when he is directing a force of allies in the heat of Battle. Knights must watch the battle and determine which commands and strategies are best for the situation.

Path of Glory
Glory can be found regardless of arms or armor, and as such Knights of this mastery can be found wielding either a long sword or sword and shield. Path of Glory excel at inspiring allies to ever amazing feats of courage. These Knights can be found almost everywhere in the battle, leading everyone and are welcome addition to both offensive & defensive maneuvers.

Path of Conquest
Path of Conquest makes knights professional at pushing the battle line forward. Their battlefield commands focus on raising the fighting power of their allies to take advantage of their enemy weaknesses. Knights focused on Conquest uses more offensively oriented great sword, to defeat theirs enemies.

Path of Vigilance
The Path of Vigilance is helping to build a strong defense to cripple opponents and protect comrades. Knights choosing this mastery have a variety of commands that will increase their defensive prowess as well as those of nearby allies. This allows them to dig in and hold against almost any assault.

Probably the most effective defense against the Knight is to keep them on their toes and make them spend more time commanding then participating in the battle – focus to make them run. As with all heavily armored fighters the Knight of the Blazing sun is slower at closing the distance with ranged attackers and can be easy to hit by ranged magic or even missile fire. It is for this reason that Knight’s frequently surround themselves with strong friends to seal off their own weaknesses. Warhammer is multilplayer game, so there is no problem with allies out there.

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