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Posted: July 12, 2007 in Warhammer basics


“Luthor’s eyes burned red with murderous rage as he hunted down his former comrades. Some joined him, swayed by Khorne’s promise of power, and others refused, only to be thrust upon Luthor’s blade.”

More info about Bastion Stair instance! The Bastion Stair is a Chaos fortress in the Chaos Wastes controlled by one of the Chaos Gods – Khorne. To stand against powerful Chaos Champion Slaurith and obtain some fancy items, you need to visit this ancient citadel. Earlier he was one of Knights of The Blazing Sun and commanded dangerous expedition to seal the Chaos gate in Bastion Stair. After long journey to that forsaken place, where power of chaos rule, he arrived with his knight finally, but soon after made a dark pact with blood god Khorne, graded by great power. He hunted down all knights, only few joined him, all others were slaughtered without mercy. Sir Luthor had once been a noble warrior who willingly left his country and travelled far into the Chaos Wastes to battle Chaos and corruption, but all trace of his former self was now gone, Luthor had been reborn as demonic knight Slaurith, who waits to this day in his arena for a worthy challenger…

If you are entering instance with Slaurith, everyone must watch out for his Bloodscent ability – it’s the biggest threat – so watch out!

Lord Slaurith has four abilities:

=> Bloodpulse (Spiritual damage) is a ground effect AoE (area-of-effects) that he will cast on a random player every 20-30 seconds. When it’s cast you will see a deadly blastwave emitted from him. If you see it – just run away from him. It deals 1,500 to 3,500 damage per second for 3 seconds, so it’s his main weapon. At the same time, a glowing, swirling area of red will appear under random player character, so it’s time to run away. It has a radius of about 12 feet (which Warhammer Online considers to be something like 30 feet). If no one is standing the AoE at the end of the duration, he will use Blood Shout. Anyone standing in the AoE at the end of the duration is de buffed with Bloodscent.

=> Bloodscent is a de buff that gives 100% threat for an unknown duration. It’s not worst thing, but everyone should watch out.

=> He also has a silence ability that he may use on everyone within about 14 feet of the boss.

=> Blood Shout (Spiritual damage) is AoE DoT (everyone in the instance is hit, even people with no line of sight to Lord Slaurith) hitting every character for around 300 – 900 damage every few seconds. This DoT will be applied to every character if someone runs out of his Bloodpulse. Its annoying, but not even half bad, like Bloodpulse.

Strategy? How to fight against this boss?…don’t ask me

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