Bastion Stair

Posted: July 12, 2007 in Warhammer basics

As you read before, Slaurith can be found on the Arena in Bastion Stair. Its a great, chaos Blood God fortress, where dark portal connect mortal world with realm of Khorne. Dark portal is in the site called Rift of Rage, where he inundate the Old World with dark magic.

Destruction forces want power from it and forces of Order want to seal this portal, (like that expedition leaded by Sir Luthor von Zakenhelm) but all of them must confront the greatest and most terrible of Khorne’s deamons – BLOODTHRISTER. He is around 7 m tall, he has powerful Axe of Khorne, powerful whip and Armor of Chaos as a gifts from Bloodgod (Khorne). I remember this daemon from Warhammer Fantasy Battle – he was biggest, toughest and ugliest mother… miniature from all Warhammer Armies.

Let’s talk about Bastion Stairs. The blood god which resembles a great wall with giant steps leading very, very high… It is one of the major strongholds, and the site of the Rift of Rage, a deadly Chaos Portal – threatening to corrupt the Old World with its cursed winds of magic. In WAR, the Bastion Stair serves as a difficult end-game PvE Dungeon and the source of Bloodlord armor set gear. When we enter the Stair, we find ourselves in a central room with boiling molten brass and glaring skulls. From there, 2 portals and a staircase lead to various “wings” of the complex.

Each wing is defended by numerous daemonic servants of Khorne and contains 4 bosses including a challenging end boss.

Path of Fury (Creatures Rank 35 – 36)

The wing boss is, mentioned before, Lord Slaurith (see picture above).The Path of Fury can be easy reached through the right-hand portal in the central area. It is populated mostly by savage Marauders and tough Chosen of Khorne (my favorite warriors anyway).

Trail of Carnage (creatures Rank 33 – 34)

The wing boss is Thar’lgnan. The Trail of Carnage is entered through the left-hand portal of the main entryway. Within may be found a winding stairway leading downwards, followed by a series of halls leading to a massive arena with a few short halls beyond. The area is populated by Beastmen => mostly Tuskgors & Centigors.

The Steps of Ruin (creatures Rank 37 – 39)

The wing boss is Kaarn the Vanquisher. The Steps of Ruin are reached by ascending the stairs at the northern end of the central area. The population of this area is largely mighty Bloodbeasts, ferocious Bloodletters, crazy Chaos Furies and deadly Flesh Hounds.

Ok, bosses…Ready your axes!

The various PQs in the BS each have a boss and each wing also has a boss (challenging servant of Chaos) the last one being a terrifying…Bloodthirster…gulp…

Path of Fury

=> Urlf Daemonblessed
=> Chorek the Unstoppable
=> Garithex the Mountain
=> Lord Slaurith

Trail of Carnage

=> Gahlvoth Darkrage
=> Azuk’Thul
=> Borzar Rageborn
=> Thar’lgnan

Steps of Ruin

=>Clawfang and Doomspike
=>Kaarn the Vanquisher
=>Zekaraz the Bloodcaller

Overall boss

Skull Lord Var’Ithrok – Bloodthirster of Khorne located in The Bastion Stair. He is the final boss of the dungeon.
17 Bosses! Ready for Bastion Stair challenge?! Enter Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

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