Warhammer Beta News

Posted: July 9, 2007 in Warhammer News

Welcome friend on Warhammer News! After 10 days of signing up, Warhammer Online have 200.000 beta testers!!! It’s very nice amount of blood thirsty gamers!! Very nice, very nice ;). Number is still growing so it’s hard to tell how many gamers will subscribe after months or two. Time will tell WAR fans!

My brother told me that he is planing to buy computer around June 2008 so probably before premiere of Warhammer Online! Well, we can’t subscribe into beta, but this is always something. I checked new notebooks and I will probably buy new one around July-August or maybe sooner, Dell notebooks are awesome – it’s probably best stuff I can get, but it’s horribly expensive :/ Few thousand bucks it’s a lot of money for a notebook.

Ok I’m going now, my girlfriend want to cut of my head, because I’m spending to much time near computer …ehh….whatever

See you again on Warhammer News!

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