WAR Beta test have just started!

Posted: June 12, 2007 in Warhammer News

According to http://www.warhammeronline.com EA Mythic Opens Official Beta Center for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. All players form North America, Europe and rest of world, can now sign-up to become one of beta-testers army. It’s very popular so sign up fast. Tests are for free, you just need to fill up form ;) If you are eager to get a sampling of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning’s unique Realm vs. Realm gameplay, then now is your chance.

The Closed Beta Test is open on an invite-only basis. EA Mythic will be selecting players based on a number of criteria, including “computer system specs, game experience, newsletter subscription, and community involvement.” Before sending aplication you should know that the Beta is limited to players 18 years and older.

Anyway army of testers is growing rapidly; I wonder how much players will subscribe to Warhammer Online beta tests? Maybe 100.000, 200.000 or 500.000? Time will tell, now I’m really busy and I can’t subscribe :( my computer is also too weak to handle WAR, I will probably buy new one soon – it’s shame.

Well I hope, in the future I will find some time and money to buy new one…

Game is not purely derived from either Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WFB) or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) or any other source alone, but rather from the Warhammer Fantasy universe as a whole. Though Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is being developed by Mythic Entertainment, Games Workshop (GW) is also involved with the ongoing development of the project. There is nothing unusual, because they created Warhammer universum, anyway their role is not only to ensure that the project remains true to the Warhammer Fantasy, but also to work with Mythic to allow for the appropriate development and extension. Mythic has previously created MMOs, including popular Dark Age of Camelot (it’s less popular, but IMO very good online role playing game).

While we wait for full release we can read more about great features in WAR, or storyline, behind the conflict.

“When the first reports of the Chaos Plague begin to appear in the fringe settlements of the Empire, they are dismissed as fanciful tales conjured to frighten away unwanted visitors. When the plague appears in the streets of Altdorf, however, the situation changes completely. By the time the Emperor issues his first quarantine order, the vile disease has already spread across most of his lands. The Empire’s finest doctors work day and night to stop the sickness, but the plague defies all efforts at a cure. Victims of the terrible Chaos Plague first experience aching, soreness and thirst, but it takes nearly a month to reach the final stages of the disease. After some time have been clear, that those unfortunate souls who have experienced plague symptoms for three to four weeks begin to change, transforming into fiendish Chaos mutants that savagely attack any living creature that they see.”



Story line is interesting, so check out more, before entering world of Warhammer Online!

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