Warhammer Chaos and Conquest

Posted: March 29, 2020 in Warhammer News

Have you seen new Warhammer app? Warhammer: Chaos And Conquest is a fresh strategy game based on popular franchize! To be more specific, it’s MMORPG and strategy gameplay in one. Living realms of Chaos Champions battle in PVE and PVP strategic combat. Persistent army management and constant live events. Collect Warlords, manage resources, and conquer your foes. If you are looking for cool and free to play strategy, I think WCC is a game for you.

Game is available on Steam, Android na iOS!


Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Warhammer News

It’s time for Wrath of Heroes! Yes, surprisingly Mythic/Bioware is releasing newest Play4Free title that puts us in a fight for our lives with competitive PvP arena combat. Fast fierce fun that takes the best from Warhammer Online and delivers dynamic 3 Team PvP scenarios with innovative 6 v 6 v 6 battles all for free – so they say. These explosive 3 team battles aren’t for the faint of heart as success hinges on destroying all who oppose your team to strategically claim and hold bases. It’s pure MOBA game*.

“This is the legendary Warhammer Online like you’ve never seen it before where to emerge victorious and claim your rightful place atop the leaderboards, you must live to fight”

(Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes trailer)

An official release date for Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes has not been announced, though Electronic Arts has said that it is hoping for an August release.

I got into beta just before last weekend’s beta test and I have to say, I was quite impressed. Game is fun, dynamic, FREE – maybe buggy, but still worth to check it out because it’s free. Ok maybe PAY TO WIN, but still…

([PAX 2011] Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes – Developer panel Part 1)

The Mythic team took what it saw as one the more popular aspects of WAR (!!! Scenarios !!!) and modified them to pit 3 teams (6 vs 6 vs 6) against each other for 15-minute gameplay sessions. After we die, we can choose any other hero in arsenal so we can adjust to whatever our team needs.

I was quite surprised after I’ve heard what Mythic said about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. At the Wrath of Heroes reveal panel at PAX, the Mythic team talked up its new project as something that Heroes’ parent game (WAR) is not. Wrath of Heroes format allowed the team to strip away the parts of the game it saw as unnecessary.

“We went, you know what? If you play the MMO, we give you all this cool equipment on your adventure, and it’s a neat thing to do, but let’s just get rid of the boring crap and give people cool [stuff] to wear,” Paul Barnett said. Shocking. So what are they planning to do with WAR?!

Barnett said that his team got rid of this approach by focusing on only 5 skills per hero in Wrath of Heroes. Barnett thinks, that the small incremental progress of skills and skill effects in WAR is “dull” and instead extolls Wrath of Heroes for picking the best skills, effects and armor so we don’t have to worry about getting all of them.

Only one thing comes to mind – what the hell are they planning to do with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?!

* Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). The genre puts emphasis on team-play; players on each team can select and control one Hero, a strong unit with various abilities and advantages to form a team’s overall strategy.

WAR rumors

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Warhammer News

According to few sources Mythic is working hard on 1.4.4 patch. The next patch for WAR should be released very soon (august), but it’s not why I’m writing today. I heard rumor about very important changes coming our way. We should be seeing some big and important changes coming to some classes (everyone playing as Engineer and Magus, should be glad). The Shadow Warrior in another target, but Mythic will probably lower everything – including insane critical, dots and everything. As a Shadow Warrior Hater I’m very happy, because of that, so everyone else can celebrate…

Mythic is also working to return some kind of defensive bonus/win to keeps in Open RvR, probably with high renown bonus I really like defending, so this will hopefully draw more gamers back to the keep.

We also discussed the pros and cons of 6 vs 6 scenarios. I am generally against them since they seem to kill variety. Others like them quite a bit, so there has to be a happy medium. Mythic agrees and has a few ideas on how to get them in the game without them ruling the queue. We may see some of these ideas tested out in the future.

There is more to the patch of course, but those are what stood out to me. Be sure to check out the other bloggers who may reveal more details.

About patch 1.4.5 I know few things. Probably the most important one is about returning of the Forts. Mythic has started to process of getting Fortresses back in the game, but they will not be a part of the campaign probably. This means they will not be a roadblock into the city. Instead, they will offer an alternative activity for everyone to undertake. Awesome right? Time will tell…I’m waiting for next tier, new items or new mounts and of course Warhammer Online free to play!

According to fellow Warhammer Online bloggers, Mythic is also very busy on something. It’s a secret, so I’m almost sure they are working on F2P implementation. And additional hot content to show how awesome Warhammer is!!! Mythic will release official news about this secret, very soon, so keep your eyes open (and ears too!).
If it’s not F2P I really don’t know what it is. I give up.

Have you already seen awesome armors from T7?? Remember to visit official fanpage on facebook to check them out. Marauder armor is looking hot, but they forget about cape….

According to official news, Age of Conan, double income after turning into free to play game, so its definitely time to do the same with our Warhammer Online!


Lord of the Rings Online is free to play since 2010, World of Warcraft has launched unlimited trial – just like Warhammer Online – but what about Warhammer Online and 100% F2P model?

Electronic Arts has some experienced in creating the free to play games (back in 2009 with the release of Battlefield Heroes – quite nice shooting game). Since then, EA released a lot of free to play MMOs such as Battleforge, Lord of Ultima and FIFA Online. As we can seem EA is very serious about free to play, as they’ve launched free to play MMOs for many of their biggest franchises. Based on the direction EA has been going with their online games, it wouldn’t be too surprising for Warhammer Online to go free to play, very very soon.

As we all remember, Warhammer Online originally launched back in September, 2008 and was widely regarded as a new generation MMORPG, real WoW killer – THE GAME. THE CHANGE.

After more than 900,000 subscribers, very fast, number fall till 750,000+. The latest “official” announcement pegged the game’s subscription numbers at 300,000, but the actual numbers today are probably 80,000 than 300,000. I remember when game was launched with more than 60 game servers worldwide, but has 4 today. It’s difficult for people at EA to “turn things around” without doing something drastic, as the game’s development team is probably angry and frustrated.

If Warhammer Online went free to play, it wouldn’t be the first pay to play game to do so. Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) from Turbine proved that pay to play going free to play works. DDO was on the brink of failure when Turbine relaunched it as a free to play title. Since then, the game has enjoyed total success. In fact, Turbine’s CEO, Jim Crowley, stated back in February 2010, “The response from players to DDO Unlimited has been nothing short of phenomenal”. Turbine’s revenues from Dungeons and Dragons Online increased over 5 times, going free to play and even its subscription revenues have more than 2x! Great isn’t it?

On the other hand, I’m not really sure, as a serious MMORPG player I find that all mmo’s that are P2P always having better content. When Warhammer does go F2P, I think it will not do so good because of the fact that it will have less content, having to cut back then again unless, gets the same benefits as Dungeons and Dragons Online then maybe it will get better but I still say that if it goes F2P it will not be that great of a game I haven’t played it, but i have seen friends play it, and to me it’s like all other MMORPG’s…

Warhammer Online today already has an unlimited free trial. Sure, the trial has a level cap of 10 and few other major restrictions, but it’s a step towards going free to play, even if it’s very, very easy. I don’t think EA/Bioware’s newest MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free to play, but I would not be too surprised if Warhammer Online did go free to play…

Is it possible right now? By making Warhammer Online free to play, EA can easily, bring more players into the game and breathe life back. It’s still one of the best MMORPG I ever saw and maybe the only one, I really love <3…

Heroes Kingdoms short review

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Warhammer News

Hi there. Looking for online war games? This time I would like to present Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms. It‘s is a massively multiplayer online game based on Heroes of Might and Magic series and persistent, browser-based, turn-based strategy video war game. This first installment of the franchise’s MMO will see thousands of we taking sides with the game’s 4 factions – Necropolis, Inferno, Haven, and Academy – developing heroes, building their kingdoms, and forming strategic alliances against other players. Sound cool? Yeah it IS COOL!

The game is free-to-play online war game and using basic account, we can are limited to 3 heroes and 3 kingdoms for the first 2 months and we are able to recruit 1 additional hero and build 1 additional town each month. Depending on a our starting kingdom, heroes and troops will have various strengths and use different resources for recruitment like in previous Heroes games. Resources are divided into the rare sort, including Gems and Crystals, and the common sort, such as Ore and Wood. Gold is used to recruit and maintain heroes & troops, and to pay for structures and buildings – it’s the most important resource to run our kingdom.

(Heroes Kingdom Gameplay)

First we need to choose a game world to play on and each is given control of a city within 1 of the regions. Each region is exactly 25 zones (5 by 5 tiles) and 4 of these zones contain mines which provide needed resources – you need to beat guards to get them (easy task). Each zone in a newly acquired region is populated with an army of non-player character (NPC) troops which must be beated before mined resoures can be collected or before buildings can be constructed on the open ground.

For example, I play the Inferno faction so my horde of Imps, Horded Deamons, and Devils requires plenty of Mercury and Sulfur. Common minerals are used to build structures that offer defensive bonuses and allow you to recruit stronger troops. If you are planning to conquer your neighbors, or develop more towns, you should not do it or you will waste a lot of units. After such policy, you will likely have few troops and heroes spread out over your towns, making you easy pickings for nearby gamers once your 15 days of newbie protection run up. Like in other free online war games, you need to gather your forces and plan everything very carefully or stronger neighbors will farm your town from gold, recourses and whatever they can.

If you wan to pay, for a monthly subscription, this limit is removed and other in-game bonuses are made available. Yeah these days if you want some in-game goods, you need to pay so richest players are always most powerful ones (like in Warstorm, Eredan or other online war games).

The game requires no download or installation, only an Internet connection. In addition, we can play without need to farm or grind something, so there you can play 10 minutes and leave game to live normal life. I think it’s why I’m playing in Heroes – I’m too bored to play longer than 15 minutes.

What can I say more? If you love war games, Heroes it’s perfect pick esspecialy if you remember older Heroes games.

Hope you will enjoy this great game!

About War but not WAR

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Warhammer

First of all I’m having a break from WAR. I heard some rumors about Skaven expansion released for Warhammer, but after Lotro becoming free to play game I’m waiting for war for free – even with item shop. Meanwhile I would like to present very nice game I’m playing right now the Navy Field. Navy Field is one of the free online war games and is based upon actual WWII naval fights. Producers have developed graphically engineered models of standard WWII weapons, ships, aircraft, and munitions from Germany, the United States, U.K, and Japan to use in during the fights. Players are asked to manufacture ships, include armament combinations, and position sailors to execute specific objectives. There are six tiers of carrier and battleship. Each has boosted durability and displacement.

Like in other online war games, we can play against other players. Battles in Navy Field consist of up to 64 players, max 7 Battleships on every side, and a number of smaller vessels and aircraft carriers. This makes for an intense and special fighting experience which forces you to work with your teammates, as every ship has advantages and disadvantages that can be exploited and used.

(Navy Field gameplay)

Navy Field is free to play, but you are able to pay for certain advantages over non-paying gamers such as Premium ships, elite crew, boosted experience gain, and a number of different things. Like in other free online war games, you can easily pick side of the conflict from Australia, to England. You can play in over 100 different ships, outfitting them how you select. In combat, you earn experience points, credits, and points. Use credits and points to upgrade and purchase new ships, and make better your sailors. Light, medium, or heavy shells. Light do less damage, but longer range.


Kriegsmarine – The navy of the German Third Reich. Their ships have the best range but deal low damage and have fewer guns than those of competing navies. The Kreigsmarine vessels are also familiar for their extreme speed.

Royal Navy – The fleet of the British Empire. Ships that belong to the RN have nice armor, the best supportive sailors, and the most difficult hitting guns. Their reload time is poor and their torpedoes have lower range than other navies.

Imperial Japanese Navy – The navy of the Japanese Empire. Japanese vessels are swift and rely on powerful, impressive ranged torpedoes and large explosive shells. Their guns have a high ‘hang time’ which means gamers must anticipate where their target will be by the time the shells hit. This makes some IJN ships hard for beginners to use like in other online war games.

United States Navy – The all-around fleet. US ships have great fighter pilots, aircraft carriers, and light cruisers. Their early game battleships are considered weak but by later game these ships are very.

There is also Australia and Englad but I’m too lazy to write more about them….hah

Graphics Card: 16 mb video memory
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 1.0 GB
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium III

To learn more about, go to navyfield.com and find out more about this great online war game. Register your account, and then download this great game.

Welcome again on my blog. Sorry for little delay but I was – and I’m currently – very busy and I don’t have much time. Anyway I found some time and power to write down small post about latest patch 1.3.6. According to latest producer’s letter, in Warhammer Online Patch 1.3.6 we will witness few interesting changes. First is new option to change appearance of our armors, to “have both the stats and look without being relegated to whatever appearance we set, simply because of the associated power”.

What else? Well, Bioware-Mythic crew is working also on significance changes at ORVR. Their goal is to get players back into ORVR and they want to make it happen by changing “removal of VPs for PVE and Prior Tier, which will be reallocated to Objectives, Scenarios, and Skirmish”. I got also horrified information for all MAILBOX GUARDS, who like to stand at Warcamp waiting for zone lock! “While players who have died recently and are re spawning in the warcamp will still acquire zone capture rewards, the idle defenders of the mailboxes will not.” So no more standing and leeching other player’s effort! Fight or no renown points!

With 1.3.6, Mythic will introduce a new feature, called “Against All Odds”, a rewards incentive program that will reward outnumbered armies within an RVR lake by offering a scaling bonus to renown, experience, and influence, up to 400% for the outnumbered realm. This way probably a lot more player will engage in all different types of ORVR, especially when the odds are stacked against them. I think is very good idea and should help revive ORVR, maybe not revolutionary but still it’s step in right direction.

Last but still cool thing is change related to Sovereign armors, making a major addition to armor sets by adding an armor reforge system for these powerful items. Sovereign armors will continue to drop in the current fashion and at the same rates, but Mythic will be introducing merchants that contain alternate focuses for the Sovereign armor pieces. The cost of the all new items will simply be the cost of the old ones. Basically that’s all about 1.3.6. We like changes but definetly it’s time for NEW CONTENT for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Expansion? Why the hell not?!

Take care

Warhammer Online Patch 1.3.5

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Warhammer News

Welcome on my Warhammer blog. Our dearest friends from Mythic are working hard under 1.3.5 patch for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. In upcoming version 1.3.5, both Contested Altdorf and Contested Inevitable City “will be receiving a massive overhaul”. The endgame content for the Campaign will now be 100% RvR-driven.

Check out some of changes in 1.3.5 (I picked – in my opinion – the most important ones)

General Information

– Defenders and Invaders will both have a chance at obtaining some of the best items available in the game, including Sovereign equipment!
– All PVE instances within the Contested city will be disabled
– City sieges will now last a maximum of 2 hours.
– City sieges will now be a 24 versus 24 battle.

– All present at the conclusion of any Stage within the Contested City will have a reward lockout timer applied to character. This reward lockout timer will force us to opt out of Public Quest loot for that specific Stage for the duration of the timer. We will be able to participate in a Contested City battle even if you have a reward lockout applied to our avatars and rewarded with spoils in the form of Crests.

– All exiting the Contested City after the setup phase will have all three Stages reward lockout timers applied to our avatars. This is to discourage players from leaving a Contested City battle mid-way through if it appears his or her Realm is going to lose.

When patch will be relesed? Probably around 10th April. Well I’m thinking about small break – 2-3 months without Warhammer Online can be good, even I miss something. They are talking also to change Marauder mutation to make him real dual-wield class – as you probably know, now Marauder off hand is “mirror” of his main hand. Is it good? Well I really don’t want to farm another weapon but if they change this feature, well I it isn’t so bad idea. I hate scenarios! After few hundreds Reikland Factory I’m sick of them…

Anyway take care and see you again!

Warhammer Online Patch 1.3.4

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Warhammer News

Welcome! From Community Coordinator Andy Belford we can know more about latest patch 1.3.4 details that were hinted at in Bruce Maclean’s letter (producer). According to this letter the Warhammer Online update should be on the test servers by the first week of February.

Upcoming Warhammer Online patch will introduce an entire new line of weapons earned via Realm vs. Realm, change some of scenarios, and add a change to the way the campaign functions.

Weapons – These weapons will be purchasable via a vendor with new currency system earned via Scenario game play from tiers 1-4. Sound cool isn’t it? Well, I’m using Scalebreaker Mallet (60 DPS,+ 32 strength, + 23 toughness, + 11 initiative, +3 critical chance and talisman slot (+23 wounds) – its fantastic weapon for Marauder from Lost Vale first mob, but I need more powerful one. I’m little bit disappointed with weapon from Warlord Quests, which is Crusher of the Unending Violence (63 DPS, + 39 strength, + 24 wounds, + 21 melee power + talisman slot), there is also Slayer of the Unending Violence but I’m not enough lucky to win one ;-). About these new upcoming weapons I can say, they are probably so hard to get that we need 3-4 months of farming to get them.

Scenarios – they will completely change the current structure of Scenarios by removing some of the less popular and streamlining the tiering of Scenarios.

Campaign – Last, but very interesting change is once a Contested City flips into the Captured state the Open RvR Campaign will now restart. Then we must decide, return and defend realm or slain king/complete Warlord Quests?

I want to ask one question, why game is lagging so much and when our dearest EA Mythic crew will fix game engine or upgrade servers? I can’t play lately, because game is running around 1 fps!!!! Is this some kinda of joke???!!! I’m paying money for MY SUBSCRIPTION! FIX THIS GAME PEOPLE!!!

Welcome! Are you waiting on Warhammer Online expansion? If you do, (like me) I got some interesting news! Well according to valhallaburning.wordpress.com, we are very close to expansion for our beloved Warhammer! Upcoming expansion will be called The Rise of the Horned Rat with new created Third Faction – Skavens. This means we will be able to fight for the glory of the Horned Rat against both Order and Destruction.

Most important stuff!

– Five new Capitol Cities to siege and defend!

– We will be able to discover the ancient High Elf Capitol of Lothern.

– Explore dark Skavenblight, the underground Capitol City of the Skaven.

– Brand new Quests, PQs, Dungeons, and secrets to Unlock!

– Each City pairing has it’s own unique City Capture Mechanic and play Style!

– New areas like mountain Strongholds of Karak Eight Peaks and Karak-A-Karak, home of the Dwarves and Orcs.

Many changes to our existing classes as well as brand new classes for both Order and Destruction!

After expansion Dwarven beards get longer and Orcs are getting bigger, something new for every race and class!

Multiple levels! Don’t want to keep growing? Shut it off and make your avatar look how YOU want it to look!

New Classes for Destruction and Order – the Dark Elf Assassin and the Empires own Priest of Morr!

A new layer of customization!

And more Improvements to RvR including new purchasable weapons and armor, improved Crest system, and more rewards for increasing in Realm Rank!

Oh and one thing! This is all fake :/ we are a group of players and fans doing conception for our own Expansion pack idea. We have no relation to Mythic nor have we been in contact with any member of Mythic or EA. This project is ENTIRELY player created. – according to valhallaburning.wordpress.com

Well I hope EA Mythic will take some of these ideas in upcoming expansion. For now, there is no any official information about upcoming expansion. For now…

See you again!

Aion Online: Tower of Eternity

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome everyone! Did you heard about great upcoming MMORPG “Aion Online: Tower of Eternity”? Aion Online is developed by NCsoft’s Aion Team Development Dept, a major Korean game company. A feature of the game is flight, both as a means of transportation and awesome aerial combat. Another cool features is amazing Player vs. Player combat and Game is looking really and is already huge hit in Korea were was released at the end of 2008.

Aion Online, already won the award “Best Korean Game of the Year”. People in Korea are talking that Aion Online has the “epic scale, immersive story, and stunning graphics and sound design”.

Aion Online, already won the award “Best Korean Game of the Year”. People in Korea are talking that Aion Online has the “epic scale, immersive story, and stunning graphics and sound design”.

Well, Aion is now most anticipated MMORPG, and we will find out more soon, because game will be released in Europe on September 25 2009. I must admit, game is looking really fantastic, and the character creation system allows for a deal of character customization – most advanced from all other MMORPGs!

In Aion Online there are 4 primary classes, and 8 specialized classes in the game. Players start the game by choosing one of the four primary classes: Warrior, Mage, Scout, or Priest. Later we can choose one of the many 2nd class or class specialization, to choose with path of career is best for our gameplay. If you like game similar to Linage or Lineage 2, you can test Aion Online, because it’s fantastic experience.

See you

Land of the Dead

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome. Well, we are after Land of the Dead premiere and I’m really disappointed. That’s it? Few Tombs, repeatable PQs and 0 (ZERO) PvP! This is what they call the end game content after Lost Vale?! Damn this is sick joke! Now I’m almost sure that EA Mythic don’t know which way to go with Warhammer Online which is very sad. But I saw the light!

“EA is restructuring its RPG and MMO games development into a new group that includes both Mythic and BioWare. This newly formed team will be led by Ray Muzyka, co-founder and General Manager of BioWare. With this change, Ray becomes Group General Manager of the new  RPG/MMO studio group.” (warherald)

BioWare is far more experienced company then EA Mythic (sorry Mythic, but one title “Dark Age of Camelot” is almost nothing) and this can be really good for our dearest Warhammer Online, because I trust BioWare that they know for sure which way will be best for WAR.

I’m waiting for more, VALUABLE ENDGAME CONTENT in WAR!

Welcome on Warhammer Online News! Today another popular guide released by KillerGuides.com.

Highlights of the Warhammer Strategy Guide:

* Discover how to get to rank 40 at breath-taking speed
* Get your hands on rare strategies that let you fly through ranks in RvR
* Complete quests in a blink with detailed step-by-step walkthroughs
* Find out how you can make more out of your existing list of skills
* Get a comprehensive list of deadly equipment and where to get it
* Follow class-specific advice to make sure you won’t be left behind
* Learn how to avoid the mistakes when it comes to Masteries and Renown
* Pile up your gold with insider strategies shared by the most successful players

Strategies for Leveling Up: Bored with grinding? Looking for a faster way to reach rank 40? Then join those who are already taking advantage of the insider leveling strategies provided in this Warhammer Guide. Discover how you can shave off days on your way to the maximum level by doing the right quests, leveling in the best spots and applying the most efficient strategies.

Gold Making Hints: Catch up with those who are making a killing off of the right strategies while others are chasing gold-making methods that have long lost their income potential. Find out where to head and what to do in order to get rid of your gold-concerns once and for all. The Warhammer Online Guide provides exclusive strategies that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Make sure you belong to the ones in the know and outspend the competition when it comes to getting your hands on the right equipment and supplies.

Quest Walkthroughs: Flick through the Warhammer Guide for specific quest walkthroughs. There’s no need to get frustrated over complicated quests that seem to take ages or just don’t seem to be worth the effort. Use quest walkthroughs available in the guide and discover quests that really get you ahead and complete them in a matter of mere minutes.

Class strategies:
Need some help with your Witch Elf? Can’t figure out what equipment to get for your Zealot? The WAR guide helps you get the essentials right, no matter which class you pick.

Equipment Guides: Where to get the most useful pieces of equipment at your level? What items give you the best bonus? How to optimize your damage output or survivability? This Warhammer Guide provides you with the necessary answers. Find the right gear for your character and take full advantage of stat boosts that will give you an edge not only over, opponents but other players on the same side as you are. Why spend your time trying to find the best setup, when others have solved that problem already for you?

Mastery Builds:
Picking the right mastery distribution is no easy choice. For players of all classes this has a significant effect on their play-style, success chances and ability to support fellow team members. Don’t screw things up here but rely on the research of pro-gamers who compiled their advice in the Warhammer Online Guide.

RvR Strategies: Having troubles ranking up as fast in RvR as other players on your realm? Seeking to improve your performance, die less, get more kills and catch up with the elite on your server? Then the Warhammer Online Guide and its featured and proven strategies and tactics can give the necessary boost. Find out how some of the best RvR players handle their chars and catch up fast with your friends and other players when it comes to RvR leveling.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


All information above are from Killerguides.com. In my opinion these guides (not only for Warhammer Online) are very huge, with basic and more advancec content. Strongest point of Killer Guides is that “All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price”. I believe that it is the biggest advantage in comparision with other WAR guides and gives them a big advantage over the rest of Warhammer Online Guides.

Tanoth and PoxNora

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Warhammer

Hello friends! Well, I have break and I must leave Warhammer Online for some time. Of course I will play as usual, few hours a day, but in other games. I discovered two very cool and free games on the web.
First one is simple, but fun RPG, called Tanoth. In this game we can fight with other players, work, visit dungeons, buy cool equipment and improve our character avatar – simple, but awesome :-)
check out this video.

If you would like to register, here is link to Tanoth.

Second game is PoxNora and is strategic, online card game (or something like that). PoxNora was originally launched via Java Web Start through a browser and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The game is free to play with awesome “Sample Battlegroups” and we can purchase additional game pieces, called “runes”, and build our own successful strategy. The game currently includes more than 500 runes.

PoxNora’s world is split among eight factions. Each rune belongs to a particular faction.

Factions Element Theme

Forglar Swamp Water/Poison/Psychic
Forsaken Wastes Death
Ironfist Stronghold Metal/Earth
K’thir Forest Forest
Savage Tundra Ice
Shattered Peaks Stone
Sundered Lands Fire/Acid/Sand
The Underdepths Fire/Dark Powers

Ok enough talk, check out this video…

You can visit official PoxNora Website right here. What do you think about these games? :-)


Warhammer Online Trial

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Warhammer News

Welcome on Warhammer Online News. According to War Herald, we can now play in WAR for FREE for 10 DAYS! Well, if you are considering to play in WAR, you should try out this special trial offer. This what i found about Warhammer Online trial on ea.com

“A call to arms has been issued! With the new free trial we are making it possible for everyone to experience non-stop Realm vs. Realm combat wrapped up in a next generation MMO,” said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of Mythic Entertainment. “What started out as a great game has only gotten better as the team has added an incredible amount of content with our first live expansion. For gamers that have yet to experience the glory of WAR, there is no better time to join the battle!”

About all details you can read right here (all article). You should remember that you can extend your trial subscription into full one!

You are ready to enter cruel and exciting world of WAR? Well, if you ARE and you are looking for place to download Warhammer Online client, just enter here my friend!

Cheers and see you again!

WAR won MMORPG.com Award

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Warhammer News


MMORPG.com annouced that Warhammer Online won the 2008 Reader’s Choice Award for Best New Game of 2008!
“Mythic’s Warhammer Online and the ominous None of the Above category battled it out with WAR coming out on top with 33% of the vote. 3% more than None of the Above.”
Other nomineese, Age of Conan – 13 %, Atlantica Online – 18,6 %, Pirates of the Burning Sea – 4,8 %, Warhammer Online – 33,2 % and None of the Above 30,4% (probably most of votes are related to World of Warcraft ;-)). To read all articles, visit this link.

Well, i have to leave Warhammer Online for some time, i need to get back my real life ;-).  The game is really excellent but I lost too much health, for the last 2 months of play. .
see you

Gamespy has already posted their game awards for 2008.
In category Game of the Year PC TOP 10, Warhammer Online is 2nd right after Fallout 3 which is quite surprise for me. By brother is playing right now in Fallout 3 and isn’t so excited like guys from Gamespy. I remember Fallout or Fallout 2 and i really can’t stand first person perspective in Fallout 3. Anyway lets get back to Warhammer – “Take the brilliant realm vs. realm combat of its own Dark Age of Camelot, add it to the over-the-top insanity of the Warhammer Fantasy universe, and build an MMO built around brilliant PvP combat that minimizes the most tedious PvE and leveling aspects.”
Well guys sure have point, game is different then grind-fested WoW where everyrhing is about leveling, gold farming and boredom!
I’m sorry guys but WOW SUCKS and you know it!
Well, Warhammer Online surprisingly is 7th in Gamespy’s Gamer’s Choice Award. What’s wrong? Did you guys forget to vote or something?:-)
“fans made it clear that World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online were MMOs closer to their hearts. Warhammer rolled in at number seven on the chart, well behind the others.” Well players need more time with Warhammer Online to love this game more…

On the end Warhammer almost won very important category Game of the Year Overall Top 10 , in my opinion second place in this ranking is very high place of our beloved WAR.

See you next time
I wish you splendid raids, great items and high renown rank + awesome loot :-)

Well check out this video, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Jim is crazy but it’s probably funniest movie related to NEW YEAR on Youtube :D

Patch 1.1.0 is Coming

Posted: December 11, 2008 in Warhammer News

Ho ho ho, welcome guys I hope Santa bring some epics for ya! Today I’m adding few things about patch 1.1. EA Mythic is working some time under this patch and they are sure determined to make “WAR even better” then now. Most important changes are:

Open RvR Influence System –  It’s designed for players who participate in this part of WAR have additional incentives for fighting for their realm. Yeah that good idea!

Player Statue System – Well, this was in Beta testing some time ago, so this ain’t completely new stuff as they said. If you do something heroic, your statue will appear in capital city. As one guy said, guys who farm renown will be celebrated with statutes in the capital cities. AWESOME!

Chat Hyperlinking – Well thank God, better now then never. Sometimes I was very frustrated because of that. EA Mythic add this basic chat function in patch 1.1.

Two New Careers – Yeah now we can play as plastic golden, Knight of the Blazing Sun and The Frustrated One – Black Guard. Which one you pick? Well i knight is looking like G.I.Joe so i will take this one.

Easy Public Quests – From patch 1.1, one PQ per chapter should be a lot easier then rest of them. On lowest chapters is hard sometimes to gather larger party no now, so each chapter will have one PQ designed to be completed by 1-3 people.

Armor Set Improvements –  Guys from EA are increasing number of adjustments to armor sets “to ensure that they continue to be best items in the game”. They are also adding few adjustments to ensure they are more frequently available to players at all possible levels (Hurrray!)

If you want to check out all changes, click here.

(movie about Knight of the Blazing Sun)

Hello! We are very close to special Warhammer Online event: Heavy Metal. This event will be from November 17 to December 1 and players will be able to play in new scenario, called Reikland Factory, available only in time of this event. Players will also get special 10% Renown bonus. But this ain’t main surprise in this event. Every player will be able to play new careers week before they will be officially released in game (of course you must unlock them first). These new careers are Knight of the Blazing Sun (dude in golden armor, with golden shield and golden helm ;-)) and Black Guard (evil, filled with hate and rage, Dark Elven tank).

Well everyone hoped that these new careers will be available in basic version of Warhammer Online from beginning but there were problems with balancing these careers. Players will be able to unlock this great careers doing special Public Quest (after Elite level).

Well i’m personally very interested in Black Knight class. It’s looking great in his wicked and fency armor, with great halberd…i never liked Dark Elves but this dude is really something.

( info about Black Guard career)

Hi guys, welcome again! You probably wondering how Warhammer Online was claimed by critics, I was thinking about that too and I’ve found some information about that on web.

For the example, Gamespot gave it a 8.5 out of 10 and said, “Questers and explorers may not find what they’re looking for, and certain gameplay systems don’t mesh as well as they should. Nevertheless, there’s more than enough exciting PvP content here to keep newcomers and veterans alike immersed in the perpetually violent tug of war between the forces of Order and Destruction.” Other reviews are also very enthusiastic:

1UP.com – B
Eurogamer – 8/10
GameSpot – 8.5/10
GameSpy – 5/5
PC Gamer UK – 8.8/10
PC Gamer US – 9/10

Aggregate scores
Aggregator – Score
Game Rankings – 87%(based on 18 reviews)
Metacritic – 88%

(source Wikipedia)

(ME – You wanna fight??)

Well I’m Marauder very well, I have almost 36 Rank and 27 Renown Rank. On higher level like in other MMO games there is a lot of grinding and stuff like that but in other hand you can play in very cool scenarios from time to time, so it isn’t boring. I’m currently questing in Reikland where is a lot of quest for my level. I also changed by Path of Skills, from Brutality to Savagery, I changed it because my Marauder had a little to high strength and other stats like Weapon Skill was to low. Now it should be alright I have almost 600 str, 500 ws, 300 t (toughness) and 320 I (initiative). I must still rise toughness but I will be thinking about that later around 40 level or something.

(me swiming in lava, yeah its something like hot springs, Chaos dudes are using them to feel good after combat :P)

Well, on second thought I think I should level up my Marauder in different way – I must admit I ignore renown rank to much. Best way is to level up in pair – your rank should be max 1 more then your renown rank. This way you will receive more renown points during scenarios or PvP action on areas.

Warhammer Online News

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Warhammer News

Hi, today i would like to introduce my character in Warhammer Online, well I’m really in love in Marauder class. As you already known this class is typical melee dps, designed to deal large amount of damage in short period of time. Like other Chaos dudes, this one is using in combat, powerful Chaos mutiation > he has 3 types of mutation, Gift of Savagery, Gift of Brutality and Gift of Monstrosity. Each one is designed to something else, so Gift of Savagery is connected to armor penetration and attacking tougher targets like tanks etc, Gift of Brutality is designed to deal large damage to one target and Gift of Monstrosity is for Area of Effect damage. You can very easily change mutation before combat or while in combat :-) well i prefer Gift of Brutality in PvP and Gift of Monstrosity in PvE (like others). There is also path of skills related to each mutation, but its up to you which one you pick (i prefer Path of Brutality). Ok so my character is now on 32 level and currently I’m near Praag. You can meet me on Karag – Norn server (EU Server). Look for Bloodthirster ;-)
I will write some more about my character next time, now some news.
Well today was released patch 1.0.3, finally they fixed regional chat, really thank god! When i played i feel sometimes really alone. About other improvements you can ready right here http://img.war-europe.com/syndic_img/news/patches/Patch103_EN.html

On September 18, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been finally launched! All servers has been opened to massive number of players (Mythic claims 500,000 to date). I can say only one thing. EA Mythic created top quality MMO for everyone. Now you can fight against other player in extreme player-vs.-player battles in special scenarios or fight on contested territory in a never-ending struggle for supremacy. PvP is pure fun. Charging headlong into a bunch of Witch Hunters with your vicious Marauder of Chaos and few Chaos Chosen guys – this IS REAL MMORPG PvP!
You can play all the time on RvR areas and really leave all kind of quests and stuff, or you can concentrate your attention only on PvE (Player-vs-Environment), everything is cool. RvR combat is great if you play on a very popular sever, and it’s worth waiting in line in order to play on a high-population server.
In Warhammer Online you can find zones completely empty, filled only with monsters but some areas are full of PvP combat and thrilling duels!
As a Warhammer fan I was really amazed to met Bloodthirster on my way (he just laugh very nice and slain my character :D it was fun ;D – Public Quest 14) or fire from Hellcannon! Cool stuff!

On the end I can say one word: WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

10/10 – Warhammer Online is pure gold!

And what’s YOUR opinion about Warhammer Online?

Hi guys today about latest

Beta Build Notes: 09/08/2008

Bug Fixes and Updates:

Corpses will no longer sparkle if you do not have the right to loot them.

Monsters and pets will now respond more quickly when attacked.

Comprehensive polish pass over career combat animations across all races.

Monsters will now chase players properly.

Players are now able to properly respawn in scenarios.

Public Quests now correctly display the time remaining in a stage.

After some problems with War-Europe website we must wait few days for European Open Beta.. mean while we can laugh from this video :-)

or from this comic from Ten Ton Hammer. It’s well representative of most destruction players!

(pic above is from actual Newsletter)

Hello guys, today few words about new Newsletter (July, nr 33).

Warhammer Online Newsletter we can find out few interesting things:

First of all we are now sure about premiere 18 August 2008.

We know how much money we must pay to play WAR :-)
We can also read about interesting scenarius RvR: Howling Gorge (it’s called WAR football by beta-testers) and Gromril Crossing. First one is cool, we must take explosive materials to our enemy base (be careful with that stuff ;p). Second one is scenario cool, where you are defending the base and fighting with enemies.
Anyway newsletter is also ful with information about carieer updates, Rune Priest and Squig Herder and about cool Dunegon – Gunbad (ohh man i can’t wait ;D) and many many more….

And this is art for WAR’s European packaging…

Coooooool isn’t it?


Hi there, today something extra hot (lava hot or even more hot ;p):

“Mythic Entertainment Declares September 18, 2008 a “Day of Reckoning”!”
“The storm comes September 18th 2008!

The day you have all been waiting for is nearly here, so prepare yourselves for WAR. This morning we released a press release detailing the date of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckonings release and subscription details, hit the jump for all the information.”

Mythic also declared fee for subscriptions
Monthly Subscription: $14.99 USD
3-Month Subscription: $41.97 ($13.99 per month)
6-Month Subscription: $77.94 ($12.99 per month)


I’m waiting for life time option, to buy it and play all my life :P
Anyway there will be also available pre-paid cards, 30 and 60 days.
Game is also rated “T” (just like World of Warcraft).
Finally after months of waiting, we can start counting to September 18.

Welcome mates, I’m very happy to bring some unofficial information’s. It’s hard to tell how much true is in it but…few internet shops are suggesting that premiere of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be 23rd September! If this date is correct and true and if September 23 is indeed the launch date of the game – then we’ve got one a little more than a month and a half before the game premiere! Paul Barnett said also that game is complete and it’s ready for sale!

Under this link you can check details about premiere of Warhammer:


I found also system requirements so you can check and upgrade your PC if its needed ;-)


For Windows XP

· 2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
· 1 Gigabyte RAM
· A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
· At least 15 GB of hard drive space

For Windows VISTA

· 2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
· 2 Gigabyte RAM
· A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
· At least 15 GB of hard drive space

Supported Video Cards

ATI Radeon(TM) series

· 9500, 9600, 9800
· X300, X600, X700, X800, X850
· X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950
· 2400, 2600, 2900,
· 3650, 3850, 3870
· 4850, 4870

NVIDIA GeForce series

· FX 5900, FX 5950
· 6600, 6800,
· 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950
· 8400, 8500, 8600, 8800
· 9400, 9500, 9600, 9800
· GTX 260, GTX 280

Intel(R) Extreme Graphics

· GMA X4500

Source of information:


Hi, all Warhammer fans. Welcome after long, break. I was very busy so and i had to think about other things then Warhammer ( yeah it was time of pain ;p ). Anyway…
What’s new in Newsletter June 2008?

* Guild Beta (testing of the guild and their development) will be launched soon

* News about the changes in career – class Magus

* Informations about changes in BETA

* Description Bastion Stair – a new dungeon (this place is cool :-))

* Career paths of Archmage and Disciple of Khaine

* Podcast about guild’s standards* Another portion Paul Barnett’s movies

Newsletter is quite big so if someone is interested in these topics, just go to source.

I’m creating site here so if you are interested check it later.

Today movie is video about new class called White Lion Class + interview with guy from EA Mythic Mr. Gershowitz

If you are interested in interview about White Lion class, go here (interview with Adam Gershowitz).

Hello, today few words about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector’s Edition.

Whats in it?

First cool thing is exclusive miniature of Grumlok and Gazbag, Orcs and Goblins Army Leaders. Its looking cool but i think some kind of Chaos Warrior, in heavy, ornate plate armor is more cool then that…

Second is original graphic novel called Warhammer Online: Prelude to War.

“Commissioned specifically for the Collector’s Edition, WARHAMMER ONLINE: PRELUDE TO WAR is a full-colour, 128-page hardcover graphic novel that sets the stage for the start of the game.” (newsletter)

hmm i think is interesting, Dark Elves are looking great =)

And another book > Art Book – The Art of Warhammer Online. Its cool collection of pictures and concept arts from Warhammer Online production. Everything is looking amazing, some pics are very creepy.

Last but most cool are great bonuses in game, first one is special book called The Librams of Insight – Readers of the LIBRAM OF INSIGHT are granted special insight into their own actions and earn experience at a higher rate for a limited time. (newsletter).

There are also special quests with exclusive rewards :-) coool

Ohh and European players get a bonus – mouse pad

Warhammer – Battle March

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Warhammer News

Before Warhammer Online premiere we will witness other game in the world of Warhammer. This time is expansion for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – Battle March.

Namco, producers of Warhammer Battle March are pretty sure of its commercial success..well we will see..but this video is cool. WAAAAGHH!!!!:)

Black Guard

Posted: April 4, 2008 in Warhammer News

Today i want to present dark and evil Black Guard class, real and mean tank class from Dark Elves. From this video we can say that this kind of class will be similar to other tank class, except for one thing. Like other tank classes this one is real tough warrior who can take lots of blow during combat and stay on foot, so as i say – Tough, Mean and Dumb ;-) Black Guard has also something cool, his powers are focused here on hate. This hate-super-power will grant him strength and toughness in combat! And that all i think.. anyway enjoy the video and Paul :P